From the Sea

Lobster Gnocchi tomatoes, spinach, brown butter sage cream sauce 28

Haddock herb panko crusted, mushroom risotto, asparagus, caper beurre blanc 24 GF*

Salmon teriyaki glaze, quinoa salad with mushrooms, caramelized onions, red peppers and arugula 25 GF

Yellowfin Tuna sesame encrusted, herb risotto, roasted cabbage, carrots, crispy leeks, honey ginger soy 28 GF

 Scallops pan seared,risotto with spinach, asparagus, mushrooms and tomatoes, balsamic reduction 26 GF

Swordfish grilled, lemon herb rice with pine nuts, asparagus, tapenade vinaigrette 25 GF

From the Land

Filet of Beef seared, caramelized onion mashed potatoes, baby carrots, foyot 35 GF

Beef Ribeye grilled, bacon brussels sprouts blue cheese gratin, roasted potatoes 34

Pork Tenderloin grilled,cheddar cornbread, garlic spinach, roasted poblano cream sauce 26

Butternut Squash stuffed with vegetable quinoa salad, goat cheese, balsamic reduction 22 GF

Statler Chicken potato hash with kale, apples and parsnips, cranberry chutney 22 GF


 Dockside Creationchoice of protein, sauce and two sides

Salmon grilled 25 GF 

Haddock herb panko crusted 24 GF*

Yellowfin Tuna sesame encrusted 28GF

Scallops pan seared 26 GF

Swordfish grilled 25 GF

Beef Ribeye grilled 34 GF

Filet of Beef seared 35 GF

Pork Tenderloin grilled 26 GF

Statler Chicken seared 22 GF


Foyot GF
bearnaise w/ meat glaze
Pablano Cream Sauce GF
roasted pablano Puree
Tapenade Vinaegrette GF
kalamata olives, shallots GF
Cranberry Chutney GF
Honey Ginger Soy GF



Hearts of Romaine white balsamic, asiago GF
Mixed Greens cucumber, tomatoes, balsamic
Whipped Potatoes 
roasted garlic GF
Roasted Potatoes garlic oil, herbs
Garlic Spinach sautéed GF
Sweet Potato Hash corn, red bell pepper GF
Cilantro Rice Pilaf GF
Mushroom Risotto GF

Lunch Salads

Seared Yellowfin Tuna Salad
Mixed greens, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, almonds, radishes, cucumbers, wasabi vinaigrette 18 GF

Wood Smoked Chicken Salad
Apple, candied walnuts, over mixed greens 13 GF


Sandwiches & More

Fish Sandwich

Pan seared haddock, lettuce, citrus aioli, buttery croissant roll, fries 12 GF*

Fish & Chips
Shipyard Export beer battered, lemon sea salted chips & malt vinegar, classic tartar, slaw 14

Fish Tacos

Charred haddock, jalapeño pico de gallo, avocado crème 12 GF

Lobster Roll

Citrus aioli, local greens, on a buttery roll, fries Mkt GF*

Dockside Burger

Cheddar & swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion, fries 13 GF*

Tuna Melt

Swiss, tomato, bacon, on country white, fries 14 GF*

Cuban Sandwich

Braised pork, prosciutto, house made pickles, swiss, dijon mustard, fries 14 GF*

Grilled Chicken Wrap
Smoked gouda, bacon, grilled red onions, spinach, tomatoes, chipotle aioli, fries 13but

Marinated Portabella Melt

Swiss, caramelized onions, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, arugula, pesto, balsamic, fries 12 GF* 



Herb panko encrusted, mushroom risotto, grilled asparagus, caper beurre blanc 18

Teriyaki glaze, quinoa salad with mushrooms, caramelized onions, red peppers and arugula 20 GF


 Soups & Warm Appetizers

Lobster Bisque
Creamy lobster sherry broth 12 GF

Seafood Chowder
Fish & shellfish, bacon & herbs 9

Dockside Soup
Ask your server about today’s 8

 Fra diavolo, chorizo 13

Crispy Calamari
Tossed in honey sriracha 12

Grilled chicken, roasted corn, black beans,
red peppers,
cheddar, avocado crème 12 

Salmon Cakes
Roasted red pepper, chive aioli 13

Thai Pork Ribs
Ginger, soy, garlic marinade, slaw 12 GF

Butternut Squash & Goat Cheese Tart
Pepitas, arugula, balsamic reduction 10

Tuna Leek Dumplings
Grilled ginger ponzu 13

Chilled Appetizers

Local Oysters
Blood orange mignonette 6/18, 12/33

Littleneck Clams
Blood orange mignonette 6/12, 12/22 GF

Shrimp Cocktail
Cocktail sauce, horseradish 12 GF

Dockside Cheese Board
 Local assorted artisanal cheeses and cured meats, crostinis 18


Asparagus Salad
Roasted red pepper, pine nuts, ricotta salata, prosciutto, greens, champagne vinaigrette 10 GF

Spinach Salad
Butternut squash, quinoa, apples, pepitas, cranberries, apple cider vinaigrette 11 GF

Arugula Goat Cheese Salad
Golden & red beets, red onion, walnuts, sherry vinaigrette 11 GF

            Mixed Greens Salad           
Mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette 9

Hearts of Romaine
White balsamic & white anchovy, asiago & frico 10

Additions to any salad:
Chicken 6
GF    Salmon 10 GF    Shrimp 8 GF   Salmon Cakes 10  Lobster Mkt GF



Dockside Sunday Brunch

Fruit & Yogurt seasonally fresh fruit, house made granola & greek yogurt 10 GF

Dockside Lox smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, capers, on a bagel 10 GF*

Pecan Bananas Foster French Toast house made brioche, rum glaze 11 GF*

Huevos Rancheros two eggs any style, stewed tomatoes & chorizo, refried beans, crispy corn tortilla, cheese 12 GF

Dockside Breakfast two eggs any style, toast, home fries, bacon or sausage 13 GF*

House Made Corned Beef Hash poached eggs, mornay sauce 13 GF

Steak & Eggs steak tips, onions, peppers, two eggs any style, home fries 18 GF

Dockside Doughnuts ask your server about today’s selections 8

Dockside Benedicts

Traditional Benedict poached eggs, hollandaise, spinach, bacon, english muffin, home fries 12 GF*

Maine Jonah Crab Cake Benedict poached eggs, pesto hollandaise, spinach, home fries 16

Pulled Pork Benedict poached eggs, hollandaise, spinach, english muffin, home fries 13 GF*

Portabella Benedict poached eggs, pesto hollandaise, spinach, fried tomato, home fries 14

Lobster Benedict poached eggs, pesto hollandaise, spinach, english muffin, home fries Mkt GF*

Sides: Bagel 4, English Muffin 3, Toast 3, GF Toast 3, GF English Muffin 4
Fresh Fruit 5, Bacon 5, Sausage 5, Home Fries 5, Corned Beef Hash 6, Yogurt 5


Crispy Calamari
Smoked jalapeño aioli 12

Crab Cakes
Pickled cucumber & onion, sesame lime remoulade, cilantro 13

Coconut Curry Mussels
Mild yellow curry, shallots, garlic, cilantro, crispy leeks 13

Lemongrass Chicken Flatbread
Roasted red peppers, goat cheese, spinach 12

Local Oysters
Blood orange mignonette 6/18 12/33 

Soups & Salads

Seafood Chowder
Fish & shellfish, bacon & herbs 9

Dockside Soup
Ask your server about today’s 8

Hearts of Romaine
White balsamic & white anchovy, asiago & frico 10

Mixed Greens Salad
Mixed greens, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette 9

Add a protein:
Chicken 6 GF    Salmon 10 GF    Shrimp 8 GF   Crab Cakes 10  Lobster Mkt GF

Sandwiches & More

Lobster Roll
Citrus aioli, local greens, on a buttery roll, fries Mkt GF*

Dockside Burger
Cheddar & swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion, fries 13 GF*

Greek Chicken Wrap
Grilled chicken, kalamata olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, romaine, yogurt dressing, fries 13

Grilled Caprese
Fresh mozzarella, pesto, tomatoes, basil, balsamic reduction, fries 12 GF*

Fish & Chips
Shipyard Export beer battered, lemon sea salted chips & malt vinegar, classic tartar, slaw 14

Fish Tacos
House seasoned charred haddock, jalapeno pico de gallo, avocado crème 12 GF

Dockside Brunch Cocktails

Grand Mimosa 10
Fresh orange juice, Grand Marnier, topped with prosecco

Rising Sun 8
Vodka mixed with grapefruit juice & passion fruit

Dockside Coffee 7
Frangelico, Baileys & coffee, topped with whipped cream

Build your own Bellini 8
Ask your server about today's flavors

Violet Spinnaker 9
Violet liquor, a hint of honey & lemon topped with prosecco 

Wines by the Glass           


Vera Vihno Verde Portugal $8

Rosé Charmille, France $8

Chenin Blanc Dry Creek California $8

Pinot Grigio Ca’Donini Italy $8

Sauvignon Blanc Oyster Bay New Zealand $8

Chardonnay J. Lohr California $8

Chardonnay A to Z Oregon $10


Pinot Noir Alphonse Dolly France$9

Malbec Don Manuel Argentina $9

Merlot McManis California $8

Pinot Noir Estancia California$11

Cabernet Wild Horse California $12

Carmenere Casa Lapostolle Chile $11


Prosecco La Luca Italy 187ml $8

Brut Domaine Chandon California 187ml   $14

Draft Beer $4.75

Stella Artois Pale Lager $4.75

Allagash White Belgium Style Wheat $4.75

Shipyard Summer American Wheat Ale $4.75

Ram Island Lavender Lemonade Mead $4.75

Maine Beer Co. Peeper American Pale Ale $7.00

Brooklyn Lager American Amber Lager $4.75

Harpoon I.P.A. English I.P.A. $4.75

Peak  I.P.A. American I.P.A. $4.75

Shipyard Export American Blonde Ale $4.75

Ask about our rotating local draft line

Bottle Beer

Gritty’s Pub Style American Pale Ale 12oz$4.50
Spencer Belgian Pale Ale 11.2oz$7.00
Bar Harbor Blueberry Fruit Amber Ale 12oz$4.50
Geary’s Ixnay American Pale Ale 12oz$4.50 GF
Geary’s H.S.A. English Strong Ale 12oz$4.50
Peak Fresh Cut English Brown Ale 12oz $4.50
Maine Beer Co. MO American Pale Ale 16.9oz $9.00
Rising Tide Zephyr American I.P.A. 12oz $5.50
Funky Bow So Folkin’ Hoppy I.P.A. 12oz $5.50
Shipyard Blue Fin Stout Irish Stout 12oz $4.50
Allagash Black Belgium Style Stout 12oz $6
Maine Beer Co.  Mean Old Tom Stout 16.9oz $9.00
Rising Tide Ursa Minor American Stout 12oz $5.00
Downeast Cider 12oz can $5.00 GF

Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Amstel Light, Heineken, Corona, St. Pauli (N/A)


Cocktails & Martinis

Falling Leaf Fizz
Spiced pumkin puree, Grey Goose Le Poire, topped with sparkling wine  9

Dusk in Eden
Pomegranate infused vodka martini, hint of apple 11

Spicy Cucumber Margarita
 Jalapeño & cucumber infused tequila, house sour mix, splash Cointreau, cabernet salt rim  11

Red Sangria
Fresh fruit, brandy, orange liquor, red wine

Glass 8             750ml Pitcher 26

Cider Mule
Tidos Vodka, local apple cider, ginger beer, fresh lime juice, cinnamon & candied ginger 10

Sparkling Vanilla Berry
Vanilla bean & blackberyy infused vodka, cider, local maple syrup, sparkling wine

 Clapboard Sidecar
Bulleit bourbon, Cointreau, meyer lemon juice 11

Dirty Diamond Martini
22 Vodka, olive juice, blue cheese stuffed olives  11

The Kentucky Muddler
House oak-aged peach and rosemary infused bourbon, brandied cherry, orange, cranberry bitters, & sugar cube  12

The Aviation
Cold River Gin, Crème Yvette, fresh lemon juice  11

Try our Infusions

Make your own variation on a cocktail with our infusions. Listed are a few suggestions:

Vanilla Bean and Blackberry Vodka
Try w/ seltzer; or fresh local cider w/ splash of soda, or with gingerale

Pomegranate Vodka
Try w/ seltzer; or on the rocks w/ fresh lime or lemon juice

Mango & Pineapple Rum
Try w/ seltzer; or on the rocks

Jalapeno & Cucumber Tequila
Try chilled on its own; mix with some lime juice & Cointreau; or on the rocks with grapefruit juice.

We proudly serve spirits from Maine

Maine Craft Distilling

Maine Craft Distilling marries Maine agricultural products
to traditional methods. Building stills from repurposed
tomato juice vats and washbacks from Maine-grown fir,
using ingredients from local farms

Queequeg- Spiced Rum
Ration- Expedition Style Rum
Chesuncook- Botanical Spirit made from carrots
Blueshine- Maine Blueberry Moonshine

Cold River Distilling

Cold River is located just down the road in Freeport, ME,
offering vodkas and a gin made with Maine potatoes and Maine blueberries.

         Vodka     ≈     Blueberry Vodka     ≈     Gin



Desserts 8

Tres Leches vanilla cake soaked in sweetened milk, topped with blueberry whipped cream

Brownie Sundae vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, strawberries, walnuts

Crème Brulee custard cream and crisp, burnt sugar GF

Chocolate Espresso Flourless Torte caramel, cinnamon drizzleGF


After Dinner Drinks

Casco Creamsicle Fresh squeezed OJ, Absolut Vanilla 8

Manderine et ChocolatGrand Marnier & Godiva liquor over ice, served with a chocolate covered tangerine 9



The MaCallan 12 year 12
The MaCallan 18 year 27
Glenfiddich 12 year 10
Glenfiddich 18 year 16
Glenlivet 12 year 10
Glenmorangie 10 year 10
Lagavulin 16 year 15
Macallen 12 year 12
Oban 14 year 15
Talisker 10 year 11



Hennessy VS 8
Hennessy VSOP 11
Rémy Martin VSOP 10
Rémy Martin XO 26


Koptke 10 year Tawny 9
Koptke 20 year Tawny 14
Sandeman Tawny 7
Fonseca 10 yr. Tawny 9




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